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About Us

Established in 2006, OttO aims to provide a seamless sanitary experience in the residential and commerical space, offering up a curation of products that has gone through rigorous selection and testing to ensure that they meet quality standards. Our product line includes water closets, wash basins, glass bowls, faucets, rain shower systems, spray sets, bathroom accessories, and stainless steel sinks.

2006: The Search for
Good Ceramics

After discovering that there were little homegrown brands in the sanitary space, the search for good ceramics began to bring in a line of quality WCs at affordable prices.

After much time spent studying ceramics and through rounds of trial and error, our first WC model, 670 (?), was launched in 2006, its functional design gaining foothold among patrons.


Our design philosophy is not solely about aesthetics and trends but also places a strong emphasis on practicality and sustainability. Strict quality standards are also enforced, as evidenced from the minimal complaints we’ve received after a product has been dispatched from the warehouse.


Since then, OttO has built a name for itself through reliability in its products and service standards.

OttO 670.jpg

2013: Opening the Floodgates

To provide a more holistic solution, OttO ventured into faucets in 2013, introducing a full range of fittings from taps, shower mixers to sink mixers covering both bathroom and kitchen needs. We continued to focus on quality, selecting high quality cartridges, aerators and mixer hose to complement the stylised design of our faucets.


Throughout the process, we have always continued to research and listen to voices from the ground, bringing in products and designs that will cater to Singapore’s unique taste while ensuring a high quality of life.

Pure Water, Pure Life

Today, we pride ourselves in our high standards of quality, our quality control taking precedence over all else. This is how we aim to play that unassuming yet crucial role for everyone.

We continually source for new and exciting products to charm the bathroom, exuding purity in quality and authenticity while encouraging a pure life for users.

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