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Warranty Registration

e-Warranty Form

Thank you for your purchase of OttO products. Online warranty registration is applicable exclusively for products acquired from authorized dealers in Singapore.

Type of products
Warranty Terms and Conditions

1. OttO’s limited warranty is only valid with the presentation of a warranty card and receipt to the servicemen on the day of repair.

2. ​OttO Warranty covers the following only:​

OttO Mixer faucets - 5 years^ for cartridge

OttO Cold faucets – 2 years^ for cartridge

OttO Water closets – 10 years^ on flushing mechanism*

^2 years free on site service, and parts replacements. Thereafter, a SGD80 transport and service charge will be applicable.
*Warranty is not covered for damages to flushing mechanisms due to use of toilet bowl cleaning tablets.


3. OttO warranty is valid for residential installations in Singapore only.​​


4. Warranty is only valid if the warranty card presented is valid, registered (mailed and  received by OttO Customer Care Centre) and dated according to the invoice issued. Warranty is only valid for above stated time period from date of delivery.


5. New replacements do not carry a new warranty


6. OttO’s warranty do not extend to Defects caused by inappropriate installation, misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, natural calamities or other acts of vandalism not-stated otherwise, onto your purchased OttO product. Faults/damage due to lack of care of product such as contamination of strainers, aerators, dirt & lime scale. Loss or Damage to household fittings/furniture due to loss of use, malfunction, defect and leakage from OttO products.


7. Any part of the product that is dismantled, changed, modified and/or repaired on by other vendors/persons other than an authorised technician or agents of OttO will have the warranty deemed voided.


8. Hupfarri reserve the right to amend any part of its warranty services and terms at its own discretion.

For clarification, drop our customer care hotline at +65 6742 9551, Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm or email us at for more details.

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