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We all love online shopping. What if we told you that you can now do the same for Hupfarri’s products?

No need to download a separate app for that, we have launched on your favourite shopping sites – Lazada and Shopee.

You read that right, we are now live on both Lazada and Shopee!

Life can still go on as we abide by the circuit breaker measures – now you can continue doing prep work for your house renovation while staying at home.

Here’s what you can expect with our online store:

  • Well curated packages for all your bathroom and kitchen needs

  • Greater savings with package deals

  • Freedom to design your ideal home with items in our packages coming in varied styles

  • Free delivery from our dedicated delivery team

  • Responsive chat agents to tend to any queries you might have

Stay safe, stay home and shop on Lazada or Shopee!

Finding us on Lazada:

Finding us on Shopee:

Please take note that due to the “circuit breaker” measures introduced by the government, our delivery services will be suspended until 4 May 2020. Orders will be taken as usual and our team will work to arrange delivery as soon as possible when services resume.

Shop away!


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