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Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sinks

Types of kitchen sinks available in-store


  • Easier to replace

  • More care needed for cleaning as dirt may accumulate at the side of the ledge

  • Recommended material: Granite


  • Easier to clean

  • Clear puddles or mess from countertop into sink easily

  • Recommended material:
    Stainless steel

Big Bowl-N-T.png

Model: Carysil Big Bowl NERA Granite Sink

OttO Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

  • 1.2mm thickness

  • Models available under US and RS series

    • RS series comes with ledge and allows for placing of accessories

  • Accessories that pairs with kitchen sinks include: stainless steel drainer, stainless steel roll (for RS series) and chopping board

  • Available in variety of sizes and single bowl / double bowl combinations


Model: US6845


With ledge

Model: RS8445


Sink Faucets

  • Types: Standard sink faucets or Pull-out sink faucet (allows for flexibility of reach when it comes to washing)

  • Cold tap or mixer (hot/cold) faucet

    • Please note that storage heater required for mixer faucet to have hot/cold water

  • Available as brass chrome, stainless steel or matt black

  • Put into consideration height of sink faucets as that will also affect usage of water filter system


Model: 3048-03

Bottle Traps

  • Available as PVC or brass chrome material

Sink Faucets
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