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Beat The Heat with Ceiling Fans

In the hot and humid weather conditions of Singapore, we are always trying to find respite from the heat. This makes us rely a whole lot on air conditioning, having it on full blast while we go about our daily lives even at home.

However, this is definitely not the most economical way to tackle the heat. Did you know? 40% of the electricity bill is accounted for by air conditioning in the average household. This means that we are spending a significant amount of our hard-earned money just to keep cool.

Is there any way out? The answer is yes if you make good and smart investments into ceiling fans for your homes! By circulating air in the room and creating currents of cool air, ceiling fans are just as effective in cooling your room down.

Here is the number crunch: A ceiling fan uses only about 50 to 60 watts. This is nowhere near to an air conditioner that uses anywhere from 500 to 1000 watts. Just imagine how much you can save by installing ceiling fans for your home.

So, what do you need to consider before getting a ceiling fan? Read on to find out!



Consider if you want a ceiling fan with an AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) motor. Here is what sets them apart:

If you are still stumped, you can always consult with our friendly sales staff about which would be more suitable for you.


When looking for fans, make sure you are familiar with the size of your room and height of the ceiling. This way, you know

(1) How big a fan you should be getting and

(2) How long a downrod you should be installing

*HDB regulations require the height of ceiling fans to be at least 2.4m from the floor level


Ceiling fans have evolved to suit a variety of tastes from sleek modern designs to rustic wooden finishes. For some models, you can even choose the number of blades you want. This gives you plenty of room to pick out a design that would match with the interior design of your home.

For smaller rooms, you can also consider fans that comes with light. This helps to save space as you would not need to accommodate extra space for lighting plans. What’s more, these lighting are usually LED light bulbs that are energy efficient.

BONUS: Is getting my fan from Malaysia or Taobao more worth it?

Even though these two avenues are our competitors, we still strongly believe in letting our customers make informed decisions. From our own research on the Internet, we found an informative article about the issue. Have a read and decide again for yourself!

A cautionary note to look out for the safety mark when getting fans. This means that they have been tested and have met safety standards. This will ensure that the fans you get will not compromise on your safety or pose as possible fire hazards.


Ceiling fans are definitely a must-get if you are looking for cheaper ways to stay cool at home. We hope you have been taking notes throughout the article for your next shopping trip!


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