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Warming up to heaters – storage or instant?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

What better way to wind down after a long day than to take a nice, long and warm shower to soothe your weary soul. To achieve this, having a good and functioning heater goes a long way!

Again, the different choices and variations pop up – should you get a storage or instant heater? What works better?

Before we get into the decision making, it is always good to be informed so that we can make smart decisions based on our preferences.


Storage Heaters

Storage heaters are storage tanks that stores heated water for use. The water stored in the tank starts to get heated when the switch is turned on, allowing a tank of hot water to be ready for use. Water is then drawn from this pre-heated tank, allowing for consistent temperatures when in use.

With storage heaters, you can also expect a better water pressure from your water points, coming into handy if you are considering rain showers, massage jets or installation of a bath tub.

Instant Heaters

Instant heaters provide hot water instantly as long as the switch is turned on. How this happens is through the flow restrictors built into the instant heaters, allowing for water to be heated instantly as water flows through.

Due to these flow restrictors, water pressure experienced from an instant heater might be lower providing you with just the standard options for your shower.


Storage Heaters

Storage heaters are essential if you are thinking of installing of mixers (hot and cold water) in your bathrooms and in the kitchen. Without them, you will not be able to get hot water supply even if you have a mixer installed.

Based on your needs and preferences, they also come in different sizes to accommodate the consumption needs of your household! Got a big household unit? No problem! Just get a bigger tank and there will be enough water for everyone to go around.

Instant Heaters

Instant heaters are definitely more helpful when it comes to the convenience of having hot water access whenever you want! This is important if you don’t have idle time before your shower to sit around and wait for your water to heat up (we all know how it goes when we choose to sleep a little more in the mornings).

What’s more, the compact sizes of instant heaters make it a good fit for any bathroom with it being able to fit comfortably without taking up too much space. This is great for those looking to save some space.


Storage Heaters

Storage heaters would take up more space in your home, so you need to factor that into consideration especially if you are transitioning from instant to storage heaters! (But hey BTO owners, HDB has already designated a place for your storage water heaters, isn’t that great!) More elaborate piping works also have to be done to ensure that hot water can be supplied to all your water points and that will contribute to costs as well.

On top of that, when it comes to daily use, keep in mind that time is needed for the water in your storage heater to heat up for your use! This means having to on the switch some time before using to ensure that the water will be hot enough.

If you’re still unsure of what capacity you need, a 25 litre storage heater is plenty for Singapore apartment households and can easily fulfil the needs of an average family of 3 to 4 members.

Instant Heaters

Given their compact size, instant heaters fit right into the bathroom. Keep this in mind when shopping for one as you would want to find one that fits with the overall design of your bathroom. We wouldn’t want an instant heater that looks out of place in the bathroom. Fortunately, the design of instant heaters has been evolving through the years, providing us with sleek and modern designs.

It really all boils down to what you want and need in your home! If you have more queries, head on down to our showroom and our sales staff will assist you in looking for an ideal heater for your next steamy hot shower!


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