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What you need to know about hobs

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

The previous time we shared all about hoods and what you need to know when purchasing them. This time, we share about the hood’s dynamic and indispensable partner – HOBS!

Read on to find out all you need to know about getting the right hob for your kitchen.


Before anything else, it is always important to know the fittings and measurements you are looking at. This helps you in your shopping process by sieving through the variety of models available down to models that is applicable to your sizing requirements.


Knowing the number of burners you want also helps you in your shopping process. It can range from 2 to 4, or even more than 4. Consider the factors that will affect your decision, like whether you cook frequently, if need to prepare several dishes simultaneously or if you have space to accommodate a hob with more burners.


Most essentially, you have to understand the types of hob available out there. We will be sharing about the three most common types of hob available in Singapore along with its characteristics so you know if it would suit your lifestyle.

1. Gas Hobs

As the name suggests, these hobs run on gas!

They are perfect for those who cook often as their burners usually come in different sizes to accommodate the varied sizes of pots and pans. Furthermore, they are also good aids in cooking as heat control is simple with gas hobs. As you are able to see the flames, you will be better able to gauge the heat level and get through your cooking with ease.

If you’re settling on a gas hob, make sure you know what type of gas you are using at home – LPG or PUB. These matter when it comes to inner mechanisms inside your hob. You wouldn’t want to waste time exchanging out the hob and delaying installation processes.

Do also take note that more effort is needed to clean gas hobs due to the uneven and protruding parts found on the hob.

2. Induction Hobs

Induction hobs runs on electricity and uses electromagnetism to turn cooking pans into cookers.

These hobs are great for those who do not do frequent cooking or has little kids running around at home. As heat is generated from the magnetic field between the hob and the pan, there are no exposed flames or heat generated by the hob itself to act as hazards to children.

They are also a good add to modern looking or open-concept kitchens with their sleek appearance and flat surface.

Before deciding on the induction hob you want, make sure you have had glimpse at the different settings that the hob has such as heat settings and programmes for precision cooking.

It is also important to note that the induction hobs limits the types of pots and pans you can use, where you can only use pots and pans made out of magnetic materials.

3. Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic hobs also run on electricity but generates heat through a heating element present underneath the glass surface of the hob.

They are great for people who do frequent cooking especially if it’s the elderly cooking most of the time. This is because the smooth surface makes it easy to clean, saving trouble for the elderly when cleaning up after cooking.

Ceramic hobs also limit the types of pots and pans you can use where you will only be able to pick out pots and pans with completely flat surfaces to ensure that heat is evenly transferred to the pot.

Have a hob in mind? Come on down to our showroom and have a look at our extensive range!


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