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4 Tips to Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

There are many different types of kitchen sinks out there. Kitchen sinks come in different sizes, bowls and materials. Not to mention the variety of shops selling kitchen sinks in Singapore. It is easy to overlook the essentials when we choose the correct sink for our homes.

How do you know what suits best?

Hupfarri OttO is a bathroom & kitchen showroom since 2006. We retail over 1,000 products for all your home renovation needs. Being a leading brand in the industry, we have some good tips to share when it comes to choosing the right kitchen sink.



Do you cook and wash on the go or do you leave all the washing to after you finish cooking? This would help decide if you should go for a larger or smaller kitchen sink.

If washing up is the last step in your cooking routine, a larger sink would be more suitable for you. It provides a good space to place all the used dishes used throughout your cooking process.

If you enjoy hosting large number of guests, a larger sink will be ideal. It helps to have a big bowl when cleaning up after a meal. Larger size means it is able to accommodate a greater number of dishes.


In Singapore, where there is space constraint, sink size should be an important factor. Decide if you want a single bowl or double bowl kitchen sink.

Single bowl kitchen sinks are ideal for a smaller kitchen, taking up less counter space. It also offers more flexibility. Put in a temporary dish basin for your single bowl kitchen sink to function like a double bowl.

Double bowl kitchen sinks are more ideal if you have a larger kitchen space. They also make for great sinks if you are like to divide and conquer. For instance, using one side for food prep and one side for washing.


Practicalities aside, your kitchen sink should also look pleasing to your eyes. This is where the material of your kitchen sinks is important.

The two most materials kitchen sinks are stainless steel and granite. These two materials are durable and suitable for kitchen use.

Granite sinks blend easily with various architectural styles. It is more adaptable to different designs. Stainless steel kitchen sinks only have one standard shiny look. While this may be the look you are going for, it might not fit well if you have more elaborate designs in mind.


When choosing a kitchen sink, do take note of the sizes of your pots and pans. If you are getting a new home, note down the size of your sink when purchasing pots and pans. You wouldn’t want to get a pot that is too big to fit into your sink as that would make cleaning up difficult.


Remember to take your time and consider all options in building a dream home! Plan sink size according to what you are comfortable with. Never rush into buying a kitchen sink without first checking your measurements!


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