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The Secret to a Good Shower

The bathroom is a personal space where we refresh ourselves first thing in the morning and unwind at the end of the day with a shower. Within this little haven, I am sure everyone wants to enjoy the best possible shower experience. But, how do we ensure that the shower you have is the best one that you could possibly own?



It is important to understand the types of shower available for you to make an informed decision. The most common and typical ones would be the hand held showers and overhead showers. There are also body sprays and spa shower panels for those looking to recreate a spa experience.

Handheld showers are usually connected to a shower hose and would be fixed to a shower bar or sitting in a cradle.

Overhead showers, also known as rainshowers, is mounted right above your head such that you get a rainfall effect when you shower.

Body sprays and spa shower panels, as their name suggests, are mounted at the same height as your body such that it targets specific areas of the body such as the shoulders, hip and knees.

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Who is the one taking the shower? Do you have kids, pets or people with limited mobility at home? If so, a hand held shower would be more useful for you as it offers more flexibility in terms of its reach and control. This is helpful when you are giving your children and pets a shower and can avoid getting yourself wet in the process.

But what if you prefer a mounted shower? You get to have the best of both worlds if you install a shower bar to act as a mount for your shower head. This way, your shower has greater flexibility of being mounted or unmounted.


Always check the water pressure of your shower head when picking out something for your shower. A consistent and strong water pressure is essential for a smooth and effortless shower (especially for those with long hair).

As such, it would be good to try out shower heads for yourself in stores such that you understand how the water pressure is like and whether you would like it. Ultimately, everyone has different preferences for water pressure and being able to try it out would prove essential in obtaining the perfect shower experience.

Psst, here at Hupfarri Bathroom and Kitchen Gallery, we allow our customers to try this out with our water testing area! Just let our friendly staff know and we will assist you in this.


To have the best shower experience, it is important to understand the functions that your shower head has. If there are certain functions you want, do ask if a certain shower head has it before purchasing it.

Common functions include rain, massage, mixed spray, spray and pulse. Knowing what you want in a shower would also help in sieving out from the plethora of designs available.


As with the saying “I’m here for a good time, not a long time”, we hope that these tips will help you have a good and amazing time in the shower!


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