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You want it? We got it! NEW Bathroom Cabinets

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

In your curated Pinterest boards on bathroom designs, do you notice one recurring theme? Yes, you guessed it right – most of these bathrooms have a bathroom cabinet, the latest bathroom trend among homeowners.

With their sleek and modern look, they easily add to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, making you feel like you are stepping into the bathroom of that luxurious hotel you stayed in.

More than just the aesthetic, they also help to add additional storage space to your bathroom! This is especially essential for HDB bathrooms here in Singapore, where we consistently grapple with limited space.

All these are reasons why homeowners like you have been gravitating towards looking for bathroom cabinets to complete your home.

Well, we have good news for you! We hear and understand your wants and needs and we are excited to announce the launch of our NEW basin cabinet series under our in-house brand OttO.

Specially curated to suit your design tastes and spacing needs, it boasts design features suited to withstand bathroom conditions and friendly use.


Here’s what you can expect with these basin cabinets:


Considering that bathrooms are areas with high moisture, our bathroom cabinets are made with PVC (synthetic plastic) to withstand the moist conditions of the bathroom. This also helps to ensure easy wipe down of water when they get onto the bathroom cabinets.


Always putting user-friendliness first, the drawers and doors of these cabinets have also been designed with a bevel edge for easy opening and accessibility.


We understand that no one likes the loud banging sound some drawers and doors make when they close. As such, we have designed them with soft closing so you don’t have to hear them. This also helps to protect the basin cabinet from wear and tear that can come from the impact caused without soft closing.


You can also expect a range of basin cabinets to choose from, finding good variations in terms of sizes, drawer-opening, door-opening or a mixture of both for you to choose from.


OttO is committed to delivering high quality products and this time it’s no different with our basin cabinets. Having carefully sourced for a manufacturer, we assure you that the basin cabinets you will be installing in your home is in tip-top quality.


Ready to bring them home? Check them out in-stores today!

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